Advisor and COO/CMO

I make sure CEOs and their companies are optimized for growth.

I believe that high growth comes from a deep understanding of one’s market, creativity in leveraging new technology to bake a growth engine into one’s product. I use both my methodology to design market categories and my engineering background to unveil the right Market for technology/product, develop a go-to-market strategy to access that Market and work with the engineering and product team to identify a growth engine that will trigger a network effect and propel the company on the right growth trajectory.

Product-Market Fit

As a marketer with an engineering degree, I lead teams to discover and zero in on a market niche where the product need is underserved, then scale.

Drop is a platform where appliance manufacturers, recipe publishers and grocers come together to inspire and guide everyday cooks at home.

As consultant and acting CMO, I helped Drop claim the KitchenOS category leadership position by extending the “magical” cooking user experience they provided major appliance partners like GE Appliances, Bosh and and Kenwood directly to the consumer. I facilitated a category design framework workshop, identified an underserved consumer market, aligned the value proposition, evolved the company’s mission and rallied the team to engineer a fit-for-purpose consumer product. Drop signed two major appliance brands with communities of a million-plus users, Instant Pot and Thermomix, within the following year. I continue to drive the go-to-market strategy and mentor the team to deliver an amazing experience users in the kitchen.

Growth Engine Identification

I combine my engineering savvy and creativity to help Series A & B tech companies leverage technology to capitalize on the network effect rooted in their product capabilities to create growth engines that build critical mass that leads to scalable growth and value creation.

I joined Pinterest in 2013 as their first non-US employee in Europe and played a key role in formulating and executing their international growth strategy.

As General Manager of France, I helped Pinterest create a network effect to crack international growth, increasing local subdomain traffic 200% quarter over quarter and surpassing the 150 million monthly active user (MAU) mark. We created a growth engine via a scalable web of local pages that optimized top of funnel SEO acquisition at the subdomain level. As the local team with the largest pool of local content, we were actively engaged with the Pinterest’s engineers that were creating the tools to curate local content andtrain an AI-based engine that classified all local content and published thousands of SEO-relevant pages.

Category Leadership

As a marketer with an engineering degree, I lead teams to discover and zero in on a market niche where the product need is underserved, then scale.

In 2016, I created Refit Camp, a framework to help startup founders achieve category leadership by discovering the white space that exists at the intersection of their technology capabilities and users’ unmet needs.

After fine-tuning the ReFit Camp framework with a dozen of early-stage tech startups, I founded Propulsive in 2018, a consultancy that applies the Refit Camp framework to help blockchain startup entrepreneurs reap the benefits of a fit-for-purpose product vision, clear, actionable and mission-driven messaging and go-to-market strategies. In two years, I applied the framework to 20+ projects, kick starting blockchain-based startups and creating a path toward category leadership. All clients raised between $600,000 and $1 million in angel or institutional funding and, with a clear and compelling messaging embedded in their DNA, they were able to attract top talent and pursue strategic partnerships to enable them to build their ecosystems.

Mission-Driven CEO Advisor & Team Mentor

I am an adjunct tech-minded and mission-driven advisor that helps CEOs cut through the clutter and stay focused on their most pressing challenge to accentuate their mission. As a mentor, I help talented teams rally around the mission to deliver amazing results.

As Drop’s advisor to the CEO and the executive team, I share lessons learned as an intrapreneur at tech unicorns like Pinterest and Etsy to significantly reduce the team’s learning curve to create operational efficiencies and accelerate time to market. By adopting operational best practices such as data-driven experimentation, OKR frameworks, go-to-market process and management rituals, Drop has been able to focus on the right KPIs and deliver targeted outcomes faster.