Entrepreneur / Intrapreneur

I build mission-driven products with beloved brands and highly engaged communities.

As far back as I can remember I have an insatiable appetite for learning, entrepreneurial drive and pragmatic creativity. Couple these three pillars of my DNA with an engineering mindset and deep understanding of technology and you'll discover what makes me a uniquely successful entrepreneur. I have a framework for everything and I am naturally inclined to benchmark and identify patterns. I don’t waste time checking boxes for the sake of checking them. I’m challenged by one goal: to create true impact. And I use my love of learning, go-getter drive and curiosity to make it happen.

Refit Camp - Creator of the Category Design for startups

Refit Camp is my brainchild, a framework to help startups focus on Category Design. Since its launch in 2016 it has been applied to help more than 30 early-stage tech companies find the white space that exists at the intersection of their technology capabilities and unmet user needs.

Refit Camp was inspired by my unique ability to simplify technology for the end user and transform it into a marketable product as well as my achievements in the areas of product/market fit, category design and strategic go-to-market planning. I like to think of it as a way of giving back to help other entrepreneurs succeed.

Pinterest France - Intrapreneur and GM France

Hired in 2013 as the first international employee and GM of France, I was tasked to bring the Pinterest audience to a critical mass, ripped for monetization — we reached the one million monthly active user (MAU) milestone in France in 2016.

In collaboration with U.S-based product managers, I devised the growth strategy and executed a playbook that included PR, community building, influencer marketing, partnerships, and an improved French Pinterest experience. France grew up to 30% MoM and the outreach program to publishers and influencers resulted in the largest pool of local content. As GM, I established the Paris office, hired a team of three and led qualitative user research to turn user insights into growth opportunities. I also worked with the engineering team on a ML-based tool to grow localized web pages at scale to optimize top of funnel SEO acquisition and exponentially increase local subdomain traffic (200% QoQ).

Etsy France - Intrapreneur and GM France

As the first international employee, I applied community building and marketplace demand/supply creation expertise to design and execute a European market growth strategy.

With a data-driven team of five and zero ad budget, we defined and executed a seller and user acquisition playbook to increase GMS from ~$2,000 to $20 million in three years, largely focusing on community building initiatives such as sellout quarterly Etsy Craft parties and press outreach to prominent lifestyle media like Elle and Marie-Claire.

We not only established Etsy as a beloved brand, we created a craft culture — displacing the competition to claim #1 position in France and enabling a new generation of micro-entrepreneurs to sell their creations on Etsy.

Detournements de Mode (DDM) - Fashion Craft Leader in France

In the days before social media existed, my first startup amassed the largest community of crafters in France and propelled me to fame, including a regular feature on craft and fashion on a leading French television morning show.

Born out of my success as a craft blogger, DDM was a business designed to capitalize on my community of raving fans and two market trends, blogging and do-it-yourself crafting. I launched a bi-annual print magazine in 2005 at leading retailer Le Printemps and established national distribution at museums and department stores. I added a retail communication agency to the DDM offering to leverage craft to drive foot traffic into major retail stores like Levis - as well as a marketplace dedicated to French designers and crafters. DDM paved the way to my career at Etsy.

Nokia (formerly Alcatel) - Business Unit Creation

As a strategic marketer for Alcatel (now Nokia), I led the collaboration between product managers and third-party providers to launch the first Alcatel mobile phone ringtone and content download website in France and Italy, a massive value-add competitive differentiator which became the universal Alcatel mobile device content portal.

I was later recruited as part of an exclusive team challenged to leapfrog mobile network development efforts to gain ground on the leading innovation coming out of Asia. We successfully replicated the Japanese Docomo first mobile network in a user testing lab in France. This led to the creation of a new headquarters group focused on integrating user testing and market research into all Business Units across Regions and Markets.